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Passenger flight turns around in Sudan when stowaway cat attacks pilot

A passenger plane in Sudan turned back 30 minutes into the flight and made an…

California family's missing French bulldog found 600 miles away in Mexico

A French bulldog that went missing from his family's home in California&#…

Italian weightlifter breaks Guinness record with 6-minute deadlift

A 59-year-old Italian weightlifter broke a Guinness World Record by holding a…

Oregon man encounters extremely rare fox in parking lot

An Oregon man captured photos of his unusual encounter with an extremely rare …

Czech diver breaks Guinness record for swimming under ice

A Czech freediver broke a Guinness World Record when he swam for a distance o…

78 pounds of wool sheared from sheep found living in the wild

A sheep found living in the wild in Australia was given an overdue shearing an…

University of Michigan library closed after venomous spiders found

University of Michigan library was closed for two days for cleaning when offi…

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