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78 pounds of wool sheared from sheep found living in the wild

 A sheep found living in the wild in Australia was given an overdue shearing and instantly lost 78 pounds.

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The Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary said the sheep, now named Baarack, was found living in the wild near Lancefield, Victoria, and rescuers believe he was on his own for several years.

The sanctuary said it appeared that Baarack once had an ear tag, but his overgrown fleece caused the tag to be torn out.

Baarack was given a shearing, his first in several years, and the removed wool weighed in at a staggering 78 pounds.

Rescuers said the fleece was so badly overgrown that it covered part of the sheep's face and severely limited his ability to see.

The sanctuary said Baarack now has a permanent home at the facility.

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