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Canadian gardener's 63.9-pound turnip breaks Guinness record

A Canadian farmer broke a Guinness World Record when he grew a 63.9-pound turnip in his garden.

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Damien Allard of Carleton-sur-Mer, Quebec, said he decided to take on the world record in 2016, when he grew a 15.4-pound turnip and discovered the world record has stood at 39 pounds since 2004.

Allard said he grew three turnips in late 2020 that all broke the record: a 50.49-pounder, a a 53.79-pound vegetable and the new record-holder, a 63.9-pound turnip.

Allard had his turnips officially weighed in November and Guinness confirmed this week that he was now the holder of the record for the world's heaviest turnip.

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