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Woman finds rattlesnake guarding her food delivery

An Arizona woman's meal was delayed when she went out to her porch to retrieve a food delivery and found the bag being protected by a western diamondback rattlesnake.

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The Tucson woman contacted reptile relocation company Rattlesnake Solutions for help when she found the snake camped out right next to her Uber Eats delivery.

Rattlesnake Solutions trapper Dave Holland said the woman opened her door to find the snake "stretched out by her bag of food."

Holland snapped a photo when he arrived on the scene and posted it to the company's social media pages.

"She was startled by the snake's close proximity, but not as panicked as some are," Holland told McClatchy News. "We figured the snake froze by the mat or on it when the delivery person approached, and was not seen until the customer opened the door."

Holland said he captured the snake in a bucket and relocated it to a nearby desert with plenty of rats nearby for food.

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