Most colorful animals in the world

Most colorful animals in the world

 Most colorful animals in the world 

Every animal on earth has some kind of attraction the colorful coat feather of some species are truly amazing and income parable others are everywhere in nature and they are what makes it beautiful if you're interested in knowing what are the most colorful animals on earth then please keep reading...

most colorful animals
most colorful animals

10 blue dart frog.
New dart frog is a member of poisonous dart frog family they live in the tropical forests of Costa Rica and Brazil it is one of the most brilliantly colorful animals on earth dart frogs color can be varied as blue yellow gold copper red green and black in fact all types of dart frogs are very poisonous they're bright color is actually an indication of how toxic they are go to dart frog is the most dangerous member of this family they have enough venom to kill up to 10 grown men.

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9 lilac breasted roller. Lilac breasted rollers are one brilliantly colored birds native to East South Africa it is also the national bird of Kenya and that's one of the lilac breasted roller has a robust body and disproportionately large green head with a heavy black beak lilac breasted rollers have a maximum body length of 14 inches this colorful species is an average migratory bird it has a white chin and a white or yellow band above their eyes and beak its breast is a dark lilac that grows lighter 2 words to throw the abdomen and underside of the wings are true quote and the wings underside is also trimmed with dark blue the upper part of the wings is reddish brown they're for sale which is also took what ends in black streamers their feathers come in a variety of colors.  

 8 panther chameleon.  This  most colorful reptile in the world they live in tropical forests of Madagascar can millions have the power to turn into different colors that blend perfectly with their surrounding Kentucky millions are also 1 of the finest examples of camouflaging animals better can millions can very their color and the time spent 20 second they have special cells underneath the outer body there these cells can change color of the body in accordance with the surroundings scientists also believe that chameleons change their color due to temperature and variations.

  7 clownfish. Clown fishes are one of the most colorful fishes in the world they're found in great fear your brief rest see and the Indian and Pacific oceans there are 28 different groups of clown fishes in total they're commonly found in bright orange colors with distinctive white bars on the body a clown fish can perform the dance like movement in the water it makes the fish more attractive all clown fishes are born as males between the growing stage they can switch their sex.  

 6 love birds. 

. Love birds are one of the popular pets in the world the mix bright colored feathers are the main attraction of love birds they're also very adorable and social love birds can be a long term companion for you because they live more than 20 years there are 7 different species of birds in the world that vary in color even though they're a member of the paid family love for its can't talk but can be one of the most adorable social bird ever.  

most colorful animals
most colorful animals

 5 to Karen. There are about 40 different kinds of 2 kinds they very in size from about 7 inches to a little over 2 feet they have short and thick necks 2 cats are distinguished by large colorful yet light with bills the color of the bill maybe black blue brown green red white yellow or a combination of colors the bright colors on his bill help to attract a mate to cans also have a narrow further like tongue they can be noisy birds with their call surrounding harsh and raspy to cancer found in south and Central America and the canopy layer of the rain forest when they sleep they turned their heads around and talk their bills under their wings and tail the 2 can is very important to the rainforest because they help to disperse seeds from the fruits and berries they eat if you can spell is sharp and has sold like edges the bill is used to squash the many kinds of fruits and berries he eats he may also use the salt lake edges to tear off parts of larger fruits also included in their diets are small birds and lizards 2 cats make their homes in holes in trees they usually live in pairs or small flocks why does the eggs are laid once a year and when they hatch the new chicks have no down covering them.  

 4 Mandarin fish. Mandarin fish is a saltwater fish native to the Pacific Ocean they can be called as most brightly colored fish in the world the attractive Mandarin fish displays brilliant hue of blue green orange and yellow the striking blue coloration and wave pattern makes Mandarin fish a very unique species in the Pacific Ocean discoloration and Mandarin fish is due to the cellular pigment the unusual head shape is the other distinguishing feature of Mandarin fish they also make attractive movement in the water just like covering of a hummingbird.  

 3 scarlet Macau. In some areas it has suffered local extinction because of habitat destruction or capture for the Perry J. but in other areas it to me it's fairly common formerly it trains north to southern Tamaulipas it can still be found on the island of quota it is the national bird of Honduras like its relative the blue and yellow macaw scarlet macaws are popular for its its ivy culture as a result of their striking plumage scarlet Macau's very large brilliantly colored parrot native to South America their feathers have a mixed color of red yellow and blue sky that Macau's are very popular for the striking coloration there are also very social and intelligent birds they also have very strong and beautiful bill. 

 2 Mandarin duck. The Mandarin duck is a perching duck species native to the east the arctic it is medium sized at 41 to 49 centimeters long with a 65 to 75 centimeter wingspan the adults male has a red fill large white crescent above the eye and reddish face and whiskers the mails press is purple with 2 vertical light bars and the flanks ready and he has to orange seals out the fact which is large feathers that stick up like food sales the female is similar to the female would put up with a white eye ring and stripe running back from the ice but is there the low has a small white Frank stripe and a pale tip to its bill both the males and females have crests but the purple crest is more pronounced on the mail like many other species of ducks the male undergoes a mold after the mating season into eclipse plumage but an eclipse plumage the male looks similar to the female but can be told apart by its bright yellow orange or red peak lack of any crest and a less pronounced I strip Mandarin duck things are almost identical in appearance to with ducklings and very similar to my lard duck things. 

 1 pheasants. They are  known as the common present which is widespread throughout the world in introduced for populations and in farm operations the pheasant is probably the most colorful bird in the world there are 35 different species of presence in the world the male bird of all species of pheasants has brilliantly colored feathers and attractive long tail their color varies as golden brown purple green and white the head of pheasants comes in red and also has a beautiful crest female pheasants are paler in colour than males

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Most colorful animals in the world
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