what animal is halcyon interesting facts

what animal is halcyon interesting facts

 what animal is halcyon interesting facts

Halcyon" may be a name for a bird in Greek legend generally related to the kingfisher. There was an ancient belief that the bird nested on the ocean , which it calmed so as to get its eggs on a floating nest. fortnight of calm weather were therefore expected round the solstice . This myth results in the utilization of halcyon as a term for peace or calmness.

what animal is halcyon
what animal is halcyon

In Greek mythology , the goddess Halcyon (Alcyone in Greek) was the daughter of Aeolus, the ruler of the winds. Aeolus lived within the caves, where winds were imprisoned. He was the one who was choosing when to allow them to out, counting on how the upper gods instructed him.

Halcyon was married to the mortal king Ceyx of Tachis. Their love for every other was so known that even gods peeped into their privacy and heard some jokes they didn’t like much (like calling one another Zeus and Hera!). Once, when Ceyx had to travel to Delphi to consult the oracle of Apollo, he chose to sail there despite all the cries of his beloved Halcyon, who was terribly scared of the ocean .

Halcyon proved right because Ceyx drowned, when an enormous storm took his life shortly from the coast and his boat disappeared within the waves.

Trying to fight the storm, aware that he was to drown, Ceyx asked Poseidon (the sea god) to bring his body to his wife’s arms. within the meantime, afraid for her husband and not knowing yet what had happened, Halcyon asked Hera to make sure his safe trip.

It was too late and Hera had no choice but to call Hypnos, who instructed Morpheus, the God of Dreams, to seem within the poor woman’s dreams and tell her about the tragedy. The desperate Halcyon visited the coast where she found Ceyx’s body and threw herself into the dark waves. Amazed by her love and devotion, the gods decided to save lots of her and to rework her into a seabird. They also turned Ceyx into another kingfisher therefore the two could live and be together.



The Halcyon within the current sense consists mainly of species resident in Sub-Saharan Africa , with a few of representatives in southern Asia, one among which, the White-throated Kingfisher, occasionally reaches Europe. White-throated and Ruddy Kingfishers are a minimum of partially migratory.

what animal is halcyon
what animal is Halcyon

They occur during a sort of habitats, with woodland of varied types the well-liked environment for many .


Halcyon kingfishers are mostly large birds with heavy bills.

DIET / FEEDING of Halcyon

They are "sit and wait" predators of small ground animals including large insects, rodents, snakes, and frogs, but some also will take fish.

what animal is halcyon interesting facts
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