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venezuelan poodle moth facts|are they dangerous|

venezuelan poodle moth facts|are they dangerous|

 venezuelan poodle moth facts

venezuelan poodle moth facts
venezuelan poodle moth facts

How can a moth, which is a type of insect, be related to a poodle, which is a type of dog? That is a good question, indeed. Can you guess the answer?

To help you out, here’s the short answer – the Venezuelan Poodle Moth is a moth that looks like a poodle.

As a newly discovered type of insect, it’s only natural that a lot of people don’t know about this moth. In fact, a lot of people still can’t believe that it’s true – that there is really such a thing as a Venezuelan Poodle Moth.

This type of moth was only discovered in 2009, and as its name suggests, it was discovered in Venezuela.

When you look at the Venezuelan Poodle Moth, you won’t immediately know what it really is (especially if it’s the first time you see it). If you are familiar with Pokemon, you might even think that it’s a Pokemon.

Actually, people first thought that this insect was fake – that’s how strange this little creature is. It looks like a stuffed toy, too, but a very little stuffed toy, if there ever was one.

What about you? Do you believe that there’s such a thing as the Venezuelan Poodle Moth? You better believe it exists – because you are about to meet it.


It was in 2009 when Dr. Arthur Anker of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, discovered the Venezuelan Poodle Moth. He took a lot of pictures of the strange looking animal as proof that there really is such an insect. Back then, it didn’t have a name yet.

Needless to say, the cute but weird looking moth confused everyone that saw its picture. It was amazing, but quite unbelievable.

It was in 2012 when images of the Venezuelan Poodle Moth started spreading over the Internet. While some people believed that it was a real animal and that it really did exist, there are also those that doubted its authenticity. A lot people thought it was fake, and a lot of rumors went around that said the pictures had been “photoshopped.”

Then, another researcher by the name of Dr. Karl Shuker showed up and confirmed the insect’s existence. Since Dr. Shuker is a reputable scientist, more people believed that the Venezuelan Poodle Moth really did exist. He even talked about the Venezuelan Poodle Moth in his own blog.

The Venezuelan Poodle Moth has big eyes.

Getting to Know the Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Just like typical moths, the Venezuelan Poodle Moth is a small insect. It seems “furry” because it’s covered with thick hairs.

A really close look at it will lead you to believe that it’s an animal that has the combined characteristics of a poodle and a moth. It is white and fluffy, just like a poodle – but it’s overall structure takes the form of a moth.

It has noticeable, bulging black eyes – again, just like a poodle – but it has wings, of course, just like all moths have wings. Because this is just a small insect, its wing span is only about an inch.

Moths have a set of antennae – and this species of moth has them, too. However, its antennae are unique looking and strange. They’re like feathers hanging on the insect’s head.

The Hairy Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Being hairy or furry is one of the main characteristics of the Venezuelan Poodle Moth, and it’s also the main reason why it’s being compared to a poodle.

Does the Venezuelan Poodle Moth really have hairs? Why does it need to have hairs in the first place?

It’s important to know that hair selves their purposes for animals. There’s a reason why some animals have hair while some animals don’t.

Some mammals have hair, for example, like humans. People are warm blooded and hair strands are used to keep the body temperature well regulated. People need to maintain their body heat at all times, and the hair on a person’s body help in this regard (whether the temperature is hot or cold).

The Venezuelan Poodle Moth is a furry insect.

Well, insects are not mammals – and the Venezuelan Poodle Moth is an insect. Insects are cold blooded – and the Venezuelan Poodle Moth, doesn’t use its hair to maintain its body temperature. In fact, this particular species lives in Venezuela, which is a tropical country. Since it’s a tropical country, it has a warm climate.

So, why does the Venezuelan Poodle Moth have hairs? What’s the purpose of its furry coat?

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Hair on insects serve a lot of purposes – these are sensitive to their surroundings so that the insect’s senses are improved. This is really important for these tiny creatures because being aware of their surroundings helps them escape their predators.

Moth hairs are known to serve as defense mechanisms, too. In order to protect the small insect from much bigger predators, their hair or fur can contain chemical substances that can irritate the skin. This even works against humans – as big as people are, they can suffer from rashes and other forms of skin irritation when they come into contact with hairy moths such as the Venezuelan Poodle Moth.


Right now, this type of insect is only found in Venezuela. They can be found in the tropical rainforests there.


Like other species of moths, Venezuelan Poodle Moths eat plant materials.


As a newly discovered insect, there are no sufficient studies yet on the Venezuelan Poodle Moth. Its population still needs to be evaluated to find out if it’s stable.

The Venezuelan Poodle Moth has a set of antennae that looks like feathers.


Insects such as moths are always threatened by insect-eating animals like frogs, lizards, birds, etc. These types of animals are usually present in the forest, which is the natural habitat of Venezuelan Poodle Moths.

A beautiful Venezuelan Poodle Moth.

Venezuelan Poodle Moths as Pets

Poodles (dogs) are popular as pets, but are Venezuelan Poodle Moths just as suitable as pets?

Not too many people like keeping moths as pets, but since this is a special looking moth and it’s really cute, some people want to have one as a pet.

Realistically, however, Venezuelan Poodle Moths don’t make practical pets. Remember, they are insects, and petting them can squish them and kill them. Also, their furry coats can cause irritation on people’s skin.

The Venezuelan Poodle Moth’s fur can cause skin imitation.

Venezuelan Poodle Moths are cute creatures, but the best thing to do with them is to keep them free in the wild.